This is the BULL NOSE 36 x 9 tandem duel wood fired smoker with double doors and double slide-out trays in each door, and has a 2 foot by 36 inch oven located over the firebox with three slide-out trays and hanging racks with meat hooks in the top of the oven. It has two-zone heating with separate controls for the oven. It also has a full roof with 4 foot fold-out flap.  The smoker has a propane rack and storage box in the front with a screened-in area. This trailer uses the 10 ply pontoon tires and they are rated at the same load capacity as the 15 inch tires but keep this larger unit down close to the ground. The axles are 3500 lbs and it has a 2-inch bull dog hitch. The smoker can also be custom painted to any color, but this one is onyx black with a candy red trailer. 

This is a  LAKE series 30 inch by 6 foot smoker with oven. It has 28 sq foot of cooking area. There are two slide-out racks in the main door. The main door is 4-foot long and is fully counterweighted. The long door allows you to cook a whole hog. The oven has three slide-out trays and a fourth tray can be added to increase capacity. The smoker uses a top feed baffling system. The oven is also baffled and has a separate temperature control, so that the oven can be used as a warmer or to smoke and it can be controlled at a different temperature than the main compartment. It has a cast iron fire grate and a 2 inch clean out tube located in the front of the smoker so that it is very easy to clean out at the car wash. In the top of the oven it has hanging racks with meat hooks for hanging chickens, etc. 

The trays slide completely out for easy cleaning. 

The trailer has 15 inch 44 psi tires and white spoked rims with 3500 lbs axles.  

This is a 20 inch by 5 foot  PATIO smoker with a 36 inch tall upright oven. It is made out of quarter inch steel and has a top flow baffling system. That is guranteed not to have any hot spots. It has two slide out racks in the main cooking area and three slide out racks in the oven. It has a 2 inch drain and 10 inch wheels rated at 500 lbs each. It has a 4 foot cutting board and comes with 2 temperature gauges.

All the smokers use a top feed baffling system.

       The Lake Series