We try as much as possible to get everyones orders done as fast as possible and work 6/10-hour days a week to make sure that happens. Orders will be filled in order that they are received so DO NOT schedule any events or contests until you have received your smoker. ALL deposits are "non" refundable. if you cancel your order for any reason  we will keep your deposit money.

Warranty work will be carried out at the factory in Nowata ONLY and it is buyer's responsibility to get it there. There are instances where we will have a shop in another state work on our rigs but this must be approved by us before hand or we will not cover it. Altering the rig without okaying this with us may void your warranty so call and ask first. The warranty covers everything on the rig but gauges, tires and rims, any wood on the rig, wiring, lights, fire racks and cooking racks, tin on the roofs. Warranty for grills or other ad-ons from other companies will be covered by our company.It will be at our discretion to decide if damage to the rig is done from misuse or from normal use.

The 75% trade-in guarantee is for the life of the smoker and works up to but does not exceed 75% of the smoker that you are trading the rig in for.

This is the only policy in effect and will be the only one observed from 01/01/2007.


We accept company checks, cashier's checks, money orders and cash. We accept personal checks with id

Make checks payable to Smokey Joe's Smokers or Joe Pearce.
Our Policies