This is the GRANDAD series 42 inch by 10 foot BBQ smoker.  
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This is the CATERER series 30 inch by 8 foot with double doors BBQ smoker.
This is the HOG  series 30 inch by 8 foot with single door  BBQ smoker. 
This is the LAKE series 30 inch by 6 foot BBQ smoker. 
This is the 20 inch by 5 foot PATIO series smoker with a 36 inch tall upright oven. 
This is the 20" PATIO smoker with no oven.   
This is the 36" x 5' charcoaler trailer mouthed with canopy 
This is the 37 inch by 9 foot BULL NOSE smoker.
This is the 48 inch by 12 foot  GREATGRANDAD smoker. 
This is the 48 inch by 12 foot  GRANDAD custom build smoker.  
These Prices on these smokers are the Base Price. Prices do not include shipping costs. For shipping costs contact us directly.
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